Sit back. Relax. Dream.

So glad you came to visit! Let me tell you a little about what you can expect from Lauren Moore fine art images, based in Danville, Virginia.

My goal is to strive to create an artisan image for you that calls to your heart. You have seen how your friends and family decorate their homes. There are countless suggestions in social media, DIY, trends, pops of color and pattern, flea market finds and HGTV. But of all these things, photographic images of family are the most valued. Our children grow so quickly. Our parents leave us eventually. But these images last for generations.

Art has always been my calling. I believe God gifted me with this. So this is what I use to share my vision. I began with an BFA in fine art in Maryland. When I moved to Danville in 1996, I began working with my family at Melton Photography (Danville's premier photography studio and gallery at the time) where I learned to express my art through portraiture. Newborns, Children, Families, Pets and mostly, High School Seniors were my specialties. I also began the Oil Enhanced Portraits we offered there. When Melton's closed in 2011 I began Lauren Moore fine art images.

A family heirloom image, created by Lauren Moore fine art images, will become one of your most valued possessions. Whether it be an Oil, an Artisan piece or Classic Canvas, this is your image, your family, your love.

Lets plan your favorite image today.